• I arrived in Stockholm 30 years ago from my war-torn country of Bangladesh leaving behind my friends and family. Even though leaving everything behind was hard the community here at Stockholm received me with a warm welcome. Back then exploring different cultures through was just taking root. So I seized my opportunity and started Indian Paradise and thus our journey began. As a chef, I prioritized in providing an authentic Indian Subcontinent experience by serving traditional food the way it was done back home.
  • Indian Paradise wants you to experience the Indian Subcontinent experience to everyone in Sodergatan, Marsta. Back home food is a celebration for all occasions. The food back home is made up of endless varieties and magical tastes ensuring a healthy and blissful experience. Indian Paradise thinks about providing you with the perfect food to catch up with friends and family or to close a business deal. Generosity and courtesy are cornerstones of the Indian Subcontinent. With exquisite food, generous proportions, and friendly service and lovely ambiance, our mission is to ensure that our customers leave happier than they came in.
  • Our vision is to reciprocate and showcase the same level of warmth and love that Stockholm natives. We aim to achieve that by showing what Indian Subcontinent hospitality and food is really about. The vision and aim of Indian Paradise are to become the prime destination for Indian Subcontinental food in Stockholm. Our dedication to quality food and loyalty to our customers are helping us inch towards our vision each day. So with a warm Stockholm welcome, we invite you to experience an authentic Indian Subcontinent food here at Indian Paradise. 



    We are an Indian restaurant that offers an Authentic Indian Subcontinental experience through food that’s not only good but will make you feel like you are there yourself. We have created a little piece of the subcontinent right here in Sodergatan, Marsta. At Indian Paradise, we will coddle you with great food and generous portions and great service in a warm and inviting environment. Indian Paradise is the authentic Indian subcontinental experience you are looking for!


    The authentic Indian subcontinental experience is for all. So here at Indian Paradise, we ensure that the pricing of our food is affordable for everyone. Our generous portions and adequately priced food ensure you can experience a true subcontinental feast!

    Delectable Food

    We have a team of trained professionals who has only one directive that is to provide an authentic Indian experience. Our kitchen staff has created a menu of delectable foods that will orchestrate a symphony of tastes and pleasure and leave you wanting more!

    Premium Service

    We are dedicated to providing the best service for our customers. Our team has been professionally trained to provide not only an amazing dining service but it will also leave you wanting more. We not only provide you with good food but give you an authentic subcontinental experience!